Organizer Issue: Doesn't Pull Items

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Organizer issue: doesn't pull items
By Aviance 2018-12-07 01:33:25
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I am having trouble with the organizer addon in conjunction with gearswap. Whenever I change jobs/run //gs org, organizer responds with

Organizer: Starting...
Organizer: Done! - 0 items matched and 0 items missing!

But it doesn't actually pull any of the items on my gs lua from my Mog Locker (specifically the Locker, in case this is a known issue; I keep all of my non-wardrobed gear in the Locker and have organizer set to use only the Locker and move only non-slippable gear items)

It will dump gear into the locker correctly... but it even dumps gear that is on the lua!

I've checked to make sure that the includes are all there and such, but I'm not sure what else to check/do. Any ideas? Thank you!
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