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By Candlejack 2018-08-04 12:07:24
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This thread is for anyone just downloading Windower 4.3 and later for the first time. The intent is to go over where to find Windower.exe after you download it, and everything that comes afterward, because I CAN'T ALWAYS BE HOLDING YOUR HANDS FOREVER REGARDING THIS! I DO NEED TO SLEEP SOMETIME! I DO GO OFF AND DO OTHER THINGS! I'M NOT ALWAYS GOING TO BE HERE TO ANSWER THIS SAME SERIES OF QUESTIONS OVER AND OVER IN GOD KNOWS HOW MANY THREADS! Yes, I mean YOU over there, little Billy! get your finger out of your nose! So, this thread is intended as the "one and done how-to guide" for this matter.

I'm writing this while assuming you already made your way to the Windower site and clicked the download button. If you haven't been to the Windower site, it's Here (Clicky the linky).

Step 1. Navigate to your PC's downloads folder, and find the icon for Windower.exe. Do NOT click on it and select run yet, or else Windower will be set itself to run out of your downloads folder and unpack it's sub-folders and documents to your downloads folder! Instead, drag the .exe icon to your desktop for the time being.

Step 2. In your C: drive file directory, right-click and select "create a new folder". Name this new folder "Windower". Drag the Windower.exe icon from your desktop and drop it into the newly created Windower folder in your C: drive directory.

Step 3. Go into the Windower folder, right-click on Windower.exe, and choose "run as Administrator". Keep in mind, certain builds of Windows 10, and certain Anti-Virus programs, may flag Windower.exe as a virus or may crash your PC. Specifically, the crash problem occurs with the Windows 10 Creators Update. Windower.exe will set up all other documents and sub-folders it will require during the install and initial run of the program. I'd also suggest right-clicking on the Windower launch icon that Windower.exe will create and send a shortcut to your desktop.

Step 4. Almost done. All you have to do now is set Windower's user profile up and select which extensions you'd like to have, and that's something best left up to you, yourself. Not everyone likes using the same extensions, although I always suggest using the FFXIDB mini-map extension, which is highly useful.
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