Plaiter's Escutcheon: CP:GP:Gil Ratio -- Asura

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Plaiter's Escutcheon: CP:GP:Gil Ratio -- Asura
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By Luminiferous 2018-08-01 16:02:40
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Hi there!

I wanted to share a quick spreadsheet I created to help other Clothcrafters with building CP for their Escutcheons. A couple notes about the sheet.
- This assumes you have farmed all of your own crystals. Prices are not taken into account here.
- The AH prices reflect August 1st prices for Asura. Obviously, prices change all the time, so feel free to download and update the spreadsheet.
- Synthesis samples are small (24 synths) so clearly your mileage will vary.
- All synths were attempted with 119+3 skill and kitron macaron.

This sheet will attempt to help you understand
- The value ratio of Gil to CP and CP to GP, so that you can pick the best craft set to create for your Crafter Points.
- Estimated gil cost per synth.
- Average CP per synth
- Gil per CP
- Estimated Gil to complete the different shield stages for CP
- GP needed per stage (based on no breaks)
- CP to GP ratio to understand the value of the synth vs. GP

Some craft set synths were not attempted because I don't see the value of attempting them based on return. However, you're more than welcome to attempt them and I'll gladly plug in the data!

I hope this helps fellow Clothcrafters see a vision to earning their CP without spending extra time and gil on synths.

Asura - Clothcraft Craft Point Ratios
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By Leviathan.Andret 2018-08-01 18:12:32
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You didn't count how much it costs to produce the crafting crystal.

A single one could cost anywhere between 5-10k in Gil. It would probably best to include that.
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