None Of My Addons Or Plugins Are Loading

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None of my Addons or plugins are loading
Server: Asura
Game: FFXI
user: Topace
Posts: 308
By Asura.Topace 2018-07-20 17:34:16
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It keeps saying that no file is found when it is clearly there. It started yesterday for some strange reason. Help!
Server: Asura
Game: FFXI
user: Eiryl
By Asura.Eiryl 2018-07-20 17:57:08
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reload windower

Sylph.Talym said: »
The autoload issue should be fixed.

We pushed out a new launcher to autogenerate a basic init.txt when one is missing, but it ended up having another bug that caused the issue you were all seeing.

It was quickly fixed and pushed out to live, so if you restart everything, things should load correctly as normal.
Posts: 895
By Boshi 2018-07-20 18:44:50
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There was some small mistake with autoload in some auto update yesterday, it got fixed by the afternoon.
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