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Different Addons for different POL account
Server: Shiva
Game: FFXI
user: znitch
Posts: 65
By Shiva.Znitch 2018-04-08 13:32:22
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Wondering if this is a possibility? I know that I can create two different profiles in the launcher and go that route, but the addons I'd like to use are not a part of the set listed in the Windower GUI.

What I'm specifically trying to do is get Skillchains to load on my main and Partybuffs to load on my alt. I can get these to auto-load for all accounts by adding them to the scripts/init.txt, but I'm at a loss as to how I separate them out. There's an addons xml in the addons folder that looks like it is made for this purpose, but I'm not sure how to make these show up in the Windower Launcher GUI.
Server: Ragnarok
Game: FFXI
user: Terazuma
Posts: 99
By Ragnarok.Lockfort 2018-04-08 14:02:14
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You can set it up to be global, or per character basis. Yes it works for addons that are not officially part of windower.
Server: Shiva
Game: FFXI
user: znitch
Posts: 65
By Shiva.Znitch 2018-04-08 18:22:12
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Thank you so much! I didn't even see that. Giving it a try!
Posts: 14632
By eslim 2018-04-08 18:41:26
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you can also setup some shortcuts in your init.txt(windower4>scripts), some examples would be:
//Gearswap addon controls.
bind @^backspace lua unload gearswap
bind @!backspace lua load gearswap

//Treasury addon controls.
bind @^delete lua unload treasury
bind @!delete lua reload treasury

bind @1 input /echo **!! ---------------------- Macro 1 --------------------- !!**;input /macro set 1
bind @2 input /echo **!! ---------------------- Macro 2 --------------------- !!**;input /macro set 2
bind @3 input /echo **!! ---------------------- Macro 3 --------------------- !!**;input /macro set 3
bind @4 input /echo **!! ---------------------- Macro 4 --------------------- !!**;input /macro set 4
bind @5 input /echo **!! ---------------------- Macro 5 --------------------- !!**;input /macro set 5
bind @6 input /echo **!! ---------------------- Macro 6 --------------------- !!**;input /macro set 6
bind @7 input /echo **!! ---------------------- Macro 7 --------------------- !!**;input /macro set 7
bind @8 input /echo **!! ---------------------- Macro 8 --------------------- !!**;input /macro set 8
bind @9 input /echo **!! ---------------------- Macro 9 --------------------- !!**;input /macro set 9
bind @0 input /echo **!! ---------------------- Macro 10 -------------------- !!**;input /macro set 10

alias fru input /echo **!! --------------------- Fire Rune --------------------- !!**;input /ja "Ignis" <me>;wait 6;input /ja "Ignis" <me>;wait 6;input /ja "Ignis" <me>
alias iru input /echo **!! --------------------- Ice Rune --------------------- !!**;input /ja "Gelus" <me>;wait 6;input /ja "Gelus" <me>;wait 6;input /ja "Gelus" <me>
alias aru input /echo **!! --------------------- Air Rune ---------------------- !!**;input /ja "Flabra" <me>;wait 6;input /ja "Flabra" <me>;wait 6;input /ja "Flabra" <me>
alias eru input /echo **!! -------------------- Earth Rune -------------------- !!**;input /ja "Tellus" <me>;wait 6;input /ja "Tellus" <me>;wait 6;input /ja "Tellus" <me>
alias tru input /echo **!! ------------------- Thunder Rune ------------------- !!**;input /ja "Sulpor" <me>;wait 6;input /ja "Sulpor" <me>;wait 6;input /ja "Sulpor" <me>
alias wru input /echo **!! -------------------- Water Rune -------------------- !!**;input /ja "Unda" <me>;wait 6;input /ja "Unda" <me>;wait 6;input /ja "Unda" <me>
alias lru input /echo **!! -------------------- Light Rune -------------------- !!**;input /ja "Lux" <me>;wait 6;input /ja "Lux" <me>;wait 6;input /ja "Lux" <me>
alias dru input /echo **!! -------------------- Dark Rune --------------------- !!**;input /ja "Tenebrae" <me>;wait 6;input /ja "Tenebrae" <me>;wait 6;input /ja "Tenebrae" <me>

alias ba input /echo **!! ----------------- Berserk+Aggressor ---------------- !!**;input /ja "Berserk" <me>;wait 2;input /ja "Aggressor" <me>
alias udmg input /echo **!! ----------------------- UDMG ----------------------- !!**;input /ja "Unbridled Learning" <me>;wait 2;input /ja "Diffusion" <me>;wait 3;input /ma "Mighty Guard" <me>
alias ar input /echo **!! ---------------------- Pen+Arise -------------------- !!**;input /ja "Penury" <me>;wait 2;input /ma "Arise" <t>
alias laoe input /echo **!! ------------------ Long AOE Buff ------------------ !!**;input /ja "Accession" <me>;wait 2;input /ja "Perpetuance" <me>
alias wht input /echo **!! ---------------------- LA+Add ---------------------- !!**;input /ja "Light Arts" <me>;wait 2;input /ja "Addendum: White" <me>
alias blk input /echo **!! ---------------------- DA+Add ---------------------- !!**;input /ja "Dark Arts" <me>;wait 2;input /ja "Addendum: Black" <me>
alias sv input /echo **!! ----------------------- SV+5 ----------------------- !!**;input /ja "Soul Voice" <me>;wait 2;input /ja "Clarion Call" <me>
alias nt input /echo **!! ---------------------- NT+Mac ---------------------- !!**;input /ja "Nightingale" <me>;wait 2;input /ja "Troubadour" <me>;wait 2;input /ja "Marcato" <me>
alias im input /echo **!! --------------------- Immanence -------------------- !!**;input /ja "Immanence" <me>
alias pp input /echo **!! --------------------- Phys.Pact --------------------- !!**;gs equip sets.midcast.Pet.PhysicalBloodPactRage
alias mp input /echo **!! --------------------- Mag.Pact --------------------- !!**;gs equip sets.midcast.Pet.MagicalBloodPactRage
alias ppa input /echo **!! ------------------- Phys.ACC Pact ------------------ !!**;gs equip sets.midcast.Pet.PhysicalBloodPactRage.Acc
alias mpa input /echo **!! ------------------- Mag.ACC Pact ------------------- !!**;gs equip sets.midcast.Pet.MagicalBloodPactRage.Acc
alias wing input /echo **!! ---------------------- Wings ---------------------- !!**;input /item "Lucid Wings I" <me>;wait 3;input /item "Lucid Wings II" <me>;wait 3;input /item "Daedalus Wing" <me>
alias idled gs c set IdleMode Death
alias bh input /blockhelp on
alias tb temps buy
alias mol temps buy mollifier
alias rad temps buy radialens
alias omen lua load omen
alias unomen lua unload omen
ias lpo lua load pouches
alias upo lua unload pouches
alias lpou lua load pouches
alias upou lua unload pouches
alias bead pouches bead pouch
alias silt pouches silt pouch
alias pell pouches Frayed Sack (Pel)
alias fern pouches Frayed Sack (Fer)
alias taupe pouches Frayed Sack (Tau)
alias dgt input /magic "Cornelia" <me>;wait 6;input /magic "Sylvie (UC)" <me>;wait 6;input /magic "Arciela" <me>;wait 6;input /magic "King of Hearts" <me>;wait 6;input /magic "Qultada" <me>
alias dgm input /magic "Cornelia" <me>;wait 4;input /magic "Sylvie (UC)" <me>;wait 4;input /magic "Arciela" <me>;wait 4;input /magic "Selh'teus" <me>;wait 4;input /magic "Ulmia" <me>
alias lvt input /returnfaith all
alias lvf input /returnfaith all
alias lv input /pcmd leave
alias kick input /pcmd kick
alias add input /pcmd add 
alias pldr input /pcmd leader 
alias pid input /pcmd leader 
alias aadd input /acmd add 
alias aldr input /acmd leader 
alias aid input /acmd leader 
alias he input /item "Hi-Elixir" <me>
alias ve input /item "Vile Elixir" <me>
alias ve1 input /item "Vile Elixir +1" <me>
alias echo input /item "Echo Drops" <me>
alias drop input /item "Echo Drops" <me>
alias key input /item "Forbidden Key" <t>
alias open input /item "Forbidden Key" <t>
alias orb input /item "Macrocosmic Orb" <t>
alias skey input /item "SP Gobbie Key" <t>
alias rev input /item "Super Revitalizer" <me>
alias revi input /item "Super Revitalizer" <me>
alias hp3 input /item "Lucid Potion III" <me>
alias hp2 input /item "Lucid Potion II" <me>
alias hp1 input /item "Lucid Potion I" <me>
alias mp3 input /item "Lucid Ether III" <me>
alias mp2 input /item "Lucid Ether II" <me>
alias mp1 input /item "Lucid Ether I" <me>
alias mpp input /item "Mana Powder" <me>
alias hpp input /item "Healing Powder" <me>
alias le2 input /item "Lucid Elixir II" <me>
alias le1 input /item "Lucid Elixir I" <me>
edit: added rune shortcuts
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