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By 2018-02-13 09:50:40
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By Bahamut.Scizor 2018-02-13 10:15:42
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I love you

Edit: Looks like OP has removed his account, thanks for the heads up Sequencex!

RadialArcana said: »
kireek said: »
Going to post links to the HD mods I'm making here, was going to post in the other thread but seems to of been abandoned with lots of dead links and images on it.

When you click the download link, click the white arrow top right to download the file.

In the zip files are the modded files and the originals so they can be changed back and fourth easily, either manually copy the dats over one by one or drag the "ROM" folder from the mod zip to the "FINAL FANTASY XI" on your hard drive. Click yes on the confirmation prompts to overwrite the specific files (it won't do anything but overwrite the specified files in the folders).

HD chair models.


HD Monsters.

Uploaded first monster pack.
All ghosts
All bhoots
All skeletons
All Drugaurs
All Apkallu including the marjami ravine grey version.
All leeches
All colibri
All brown base goblins including npcs and goblin riding choco and trust gob.
All armored black goblins
All red armored goblins.
Goobues (inc trust)
All Urugnites
Ark angels from zilart, 99 bcnm and trusts (not in some cut scenes)
Chocobo (all but bred versions (green, red, black, yellow raised not changed)


Monster pack 2.

All crabs (including mounts / jugpets and barnacle versions in adoulin area), all pugils, all gears (single and trip), all ramparts, all bees, all puks.
All demons, Lizards, crawler, fly, tauri, gargoyle, wamoura & campa.


kireek said: »

Bombs and Snolls
Sheep variants from all timelines
Ram variants including ones in seekers ice area.
Sea monks
Evil weapons
Orcs (not all done yet)
Carbuncle and avatar vers
Red raptor
Baby sheep in mog gardens
Mounts of all above
Rockfin WKR and Delve Shark bosses
Darrculin monster and trust.

Monsters zip pack 3


Since it's so many files it might be best to use the XIpivot addon above, if anyone noticed any problems let me know. I may redo some of these yet still.
kireek said: »
Monsters pack 4 (1.2 gigabyte download)

Important NPCs, cut-scene versions, BCNM etc (ie kam'lanaut, Lion, Cid etc).
All Trusts
Elemental staves & Griovaur? staff.
Random Adoulin things waypoint warp rings, Reive Tree trunks, mushrooms, tents, wasp nests etc
Mounts not already done.
Monsters (field monsters, npcs like moogles, mog garden npcs and cut-scene ones like phoenix and Altana)

FFXI (base, abyssea, reisen escha etc)
story npcs, elvaan friars, (random npcs like knife juggling mithra, fishing guild mithra and some others), doomed, roc, suzaku, undead hound, sabotender, funguar, hecteyes, saplings, behemoth, elasmoth, magic pot x2, opaopa, dark dragons, worm variants, orkish machines, bird variants, shadows, quadrav variants, yagudo variants, gigas variants, shadow lord, dynamis lord, moogle variants, bard npc (title changer), talking doll, spheroid, wyvern, spider variants 4, dynamis orcs, dynamic quads, dynamis yag, dynamis gob, rook and brenner rook - flanmmen, posten etc, adamantoise, aspid, manticore, kirin, vrtra, moblins, tonberry, genbu, seiryu, efts, antica, flytrap, antlion x2, diremite, reseph, buffalo, sahagin, bahamut, eald,narche, kam'lanut, galka selbina to ahturgan ship npc, bugard, hecteyes, orkish machine, fafnir, nid, corse, qiqirn, laila, rhea, maws, pixie, helmed gigas, ladybug, slug, rafesia, dark ixion, black chocobo (past mounted), aural alicorn, wooden boxes, mmm storefront, ruszor, amphetere, dahak, corpselight, lady lilith, krabkatoa, orcus, magian moogle, vampyr, lord ruthven, verthandi, yilbegan, iratham (and all the variants including the white ones), briareus, lancovie, vileberry, clionid, limule, quetzalli, xzomit, cuelebre, wanderer, weeper, seether, thinker, gorger, craver, ovni,qutrub, soulflayer, adamantoise, blue wyvern, cerberus, hydra, khimaira, kutharei, yaanei, sippoy, titlacauan, iron giant x2, amoeban, murex, sedna, smok, hpmede, phabo, zdei x2, oboron,cirein croin, qiqirn, marid, acrolith, chariots, spheroid, Shinryu, rani, raja, bennu, orthus, alfard, khrysokhimaira, isgebind, amphitrite, frogs, voidwrought, iron giant, hahava,caleno, porogo, kaggen, uptala, aello, hippogryph, pil, flans, gnat, raffesia, wivre, IG-Alima, Botulus Rex, asb, rukh, sarbaz, bhishani, klasutrax, gaunub, ocythoe, rw nw prt m hrw, gwynn ap nudd, fjalar, provinance watcher, abunnu, stachysaurus, sandwormx2, wyvern green, morta, bismark, wazir, shah, tsui-goab, dimgruzub, brekekekex, blue frogs, mole, yeti, rock monsterx2, mumor, gallu, tiamat wyvern, yellow ladybug, Giant gnat, panopt, fuzzy behemoth, brasscap, gnole, antlion, TRUSTS, Toucalibri, pudding, sandworm, chapuli, bennu, tulfaire, raaz, red frog, amphitere, chacharoon, baby cockatrice, snapweed, acuex, siren, snapweed red, mosquito, baby buffalo, baby couerl, fleetstalker, sensual sandy, ionos, bucca, nosoi, baby adamantoise, baby bugard, waktza, balamor variants, palila, porxie, pakecet, duke vepar, vir'ava, emputa, asida, baby behmoth, cloud of darkness, metus, phoenix, altana, neak, ascended lucani, dragon hatchling, ascended mantis, vinipata, mojo, kukulkan, melisseus, morolith
story npcs, tonberry, tonberry kings, antica variants, sahagin variants, dawnmaidens, nomad moogle,
story npcs, mammets, wanderer, weeper, gorger, bugbear, corse, hippogryph, bahamut, Tiamat, Ouryu, moblins, thinker, craver, seether, ultima, spheroid, jormungand, promathia, hpmede, phuabo, grah, aern, bugard, efts, diremite, flytrap
Runic lamps, Gordeus, story npcs, archaic mirrors, qiqirn x2, mamool variants, dahak, jnun, gotho the rodolent, lamia, experimental lamia, merrow, trolls, khromasoul, yalungur collibri nm, imps, vanasarvik imp, oboron, qutrub, marid, soulflayer variants, acrolith, troll destroyer, wivre, Cerberus, flanx3, Khimaira variants, medusa, gulool ja ja, gurfurlur the manacing, chariots
Wings of the goddess:
Gnat x2, Pieste, Sibilus, ladybug, slug, rafesia (3), Sandworm (2), Pixie, Dark pixie, Gnole, WoTg orcs and bosses, WoTG yags and bosses (Tzee Xicu Manifest etc), Wotg Quads and bosses, Siege turrets x3 (campaign), Shadow lord (campaign), lady lilith and ascendant, Funguar variants, Some campaign npcs, lehko, campaign banners for nations, Belfry, mantelets, beastman mantelets, wivre, puddings, imps, standing poroggo variants, Hippogyph, wyvern green.
Crystaline prophecy:
mandragora, goblin, orc, quad, yag
WKR bosses, Velkk variations, Leafkin, Chapuli (green/yell), pitcherplant, craklaw (blue/black), Matamata x2, Aceux x2, Heartwing, Velkk boss, Tulfaire, Raaz, Poroggo red toad, Umbril,


If you have issues with other peoples trusts causing lag you can turn them off with :

/hidetrust on/off


Avatars HD textures:

Avatars and primes, as well as some cut-scenes versions.

Carby, Fenrir, Titan, Ifrit, Leviathan, Garuda, Shiva, Ramuh, Diablos, Odin, Alex, Atmos, Caitsith

Shiva was remodeled by a JP modder, I don't know his name. I updated the textures above what he did in this but he did most of the work on it.



Automoton HD update (all player controlled automotons, trusts, cut-scene automotons and beastman controlled ones)


rom4 are mostly all cut-scene automotons, some are enemy ones though.


HD Dragoon Wyverns zip (player, Dyanmis and Ark Angel Wyverns)



HD Weapons.
Pack 1
Idris main hand
All Blurred weapons, shields, harp, ranged weapons etc

Weapon pack 1

**updated 12/9/19 with glow idris

Diamond shield

Shields pack for all races (this should be all shields minus the ones already done previously).

Not all shown in images, just a few for demo purpose.


kireek said: »
Death Penalty for all races (normal and glow)


kireek said: »
Yagrush normal and glow for all races.


kireek said: »
Just did Gjallarhorn. Goal was to make the horn look like mother of pearl and ebony wood.

normal 99 and glow for all races.


kireek said: »
Anguta HQ mod (for Tace)


I did this one a bit different, the basic mod folder has HQ mods for all races so you can just use that alone if you want.

However if you want an even clearer mod for your race only (since scythe is so big and it's on your back) there is an additional folder "ZZ Your race only (use 1 dat)", inside there you can copy the dat for your race only which is HQ2 (larger res). So by using the mod folder it adds hq1 mods for all races and hq2 is a single dat for your race only.

folder 344
Taru is rom/344/54.dat
Mithra is rom/344/85.dat
Elvaan Female is rom/344/23.dat
Galka is rom/344/116.dat

folder 343
Hume Female is rom/343/89.dat
Hume Male is rom/343/58.dat
Elvaan Male is rom/343/120.dat

kireek said: »

kireek said: »
Excalibur 99 and glow main and offhand.

mod folder contains all mods for all races, "zz for your race only" has the mods for your race only with a higher texture res if wanted.


kireek said: »
Verethragna hd dat mod

If you want to install only specific for your race and glow:

"Keep in mind that H2h are classed as dual wield so each set is 2 dats, 1 for each hand.

folder 241 and 242 are base 99 weapons without glow

folder 272, 273, 274 are glow dats

Taru = 273/106 & 274/31
Mithra = 273/118 & 274/36
Hume F = 273/70 & 274/16
Hume M = 272/122 & 273/8
Elvan f = 273/94 & 274/26
Elvaan M = 273/82 & 274/21
Galka = 274/2 & 274/41


kireek said: »
Nirvana normal and glow for all races

Install the middle one for all races in the mod folder, then optionally the singular dat file for your race only (which is a little higher res for glow 99)



HD Armors.

All mods are for all races.

kireek said: »

Twilight Mail for all races


I would suggest only using the dat file for your race alone, it's a needless waste of ram to install it for all races (cumulatively speaking)

Taru 83.dat
Mithra 87.dat
Hume f 71.dat
Hume M 67.dat
Galka 91.dat
Elvaan m 75.dat
Elvaan f 79.dat

kireek said: »
Tessera Saio HD mod (Prov watcher body)


kireek said: »
Mekira Meikogai NQ and HQ and (hopefully) Kubira Meikogai (for all races).


kireek said: »
Fazheluo Mail HD mod (glow and nonglow)

All races.



Koenig / Souveran armor for all races


kireek said: »
Malignant Armor Set for all races.

Like with the Scythe above, there is the normal double texture size mods for all races and slots in the mod folder and bigger textures of body and hat for singular race only (don't have to use these at all).

I use the normal mod first and then overwrite hat and body for my race only (using smaller textures for all other races is less wasteful on system resources since you're not going to be seeing them so close anyway)


Crafting pack 1 for all races (2nd one will be furnishings)

Crafting aprons, crafting smocks (synergy upgraded ones), the three crafting gloves, cooking hat, synergy furnace, crafting shields, Caduceus.


Crafting pack 2 - Furniture (stalls and signs)


HD Furniture
Currently: Workbench, Maple table and Oak table.


HD Zones.
Currently 4 done, Ambuscade dungeon, Mhaura, Inner Horuto Ruins abd East Adoulin.

old version

Mog garden (unfinished but still useable, I don't have access to 2nd area yet)


kireek said: »
Southern San d'oria mod

This is a rework of Amelilas HD mod, I reduced the size from 62 meg to 36 meg, so it loads faster when you zone. (almost all the textures in southern sandy were made by Amelila as were a lot of the textures in the side rooms).

Fixed a problem with the small bushes.
Changed the clouds back to vanilla (if you use uncompressed textures in the ffxi config these look better imo)
Updated a few textures including doors and the spiral floor texture from the lower jeuno mod.
Changed the tent texture, was causing shimmering.

Updated all the side rooms.

If you just want to use the sandoria mod but not the others just use the 31.dat.

Mod list:South Sandy 31
(left turn from mog house) room 1 - 116, room 2 - 115, room 3 - 120
lion springs - 106
stores weapons - 108, armor - 109
Chocobo stable - 105
west side - left branch
room 1 112 (this room has a crash issue if you enter from certain angles, this is a game issue not the mod)
room 2 left - 107, food store on right 110
(leather guild) 103, (leather shop upstairs) 104
room 3 left - 117 room 4 right - 113
west side - right branch
room 1 - 119, room 2 - 118, room 3 - 114
Counts manor - 111


kireek said: »
Since Amelila didn't finish it I decided to do Port Sandoria, most of the textures are from Amelilas S and N Sandoria mods so all the 3 zones will look the same.

Original file size = 6.5 MB
Modded file size = 18.5 MB

Should be no issues with black-screen etc since the file size is still pretty small.


East Adoulin HD reskin

A few textures used from Amelilias mods, spiral road texture and tiled footpath texture from San'doria. Also barrel texture from Gustaberg mod.


Goes in rom9 / 0

Sand zone reskins

1 West Altepa
2 East Altepa
3 Abyssea Altepa
4 Quicksand Caves
5 Kuftal Tunnel
6 Rabao
7 Cloister of Tremors (sand part - entrance)
8 Chamber of Oracles (sand part - entrance)

Sizes are about double, so from 14 meg to 22 meg for west altepa for example. Tried to keep them as small as possible.


kireek said: »
Decided to make a HD mod of Quifim and associated zones today since I had time this weekend, Quifim Island, Behemoth Dominion and Dynamis Quifim.


kireek said: »
Undersea ruins and all salvage areas.

8 meg > 13 meg on average.

Undersea ruins is a dark zone, so they won't look as bright as this. This pic is taken in a zone viewer. Regardless gives a before and after comparison.


kireek said: »
Bastok mods zip

Bastok market
Bastok mines
Bastok port
Bastok Dynamis
Bastok Dynamis 2


kireek said: »
HD login character selection zone


kireek said: »
Omen HD zone mod (port of Amelilas Reisenjima mod to Omen)


kireek said: »
Escha - Ru'Aun HD Mod (color)


UPDATE: Black and White verison of above.


Due to this being a busy zone I had to lower some of the textures below what I wanted them to be, but given these zones are multi-file and the game loads different parts as you run around I had to make compromises to make sure it runs well. The skybox remains white, I can't change that (escha also has no day / night cycle)

Converted from Amelilas original sky mod.

kireek said: »
East & West Ronfaure Forest and Ronfaure Forest (S)

This is a rework of Amelilas mod Ronf mods and ported to (s), I made a lot of changes to it (made some other changes since the picture).

rom is east and west, rom5 is (s)


HD Characters.

kireek said: »
All Mithra faces (these are different than the mithra faces in the first post, they never looked right).


All female hume faces.


If you notice any problems or think something looks off let me know and I'll update them.

HD weapon skills (Gekko)

Most weapon skills are fine, this one always bugged me though. The moon was awfullly lo-res.

Updated Gekko for all races and Ark Angel.


HD spells

Changed spell graphics: Warp, stoneskin, aquaveil, stone series, steonega series, break series, doton series of ninja nukes, Titan blood pacts.


HD Fonts (oncreen ones, not system fonts)

Rank 1 to 15 for each nation redone in HD, rank 11 to 15 not used currently but did them in-case they are ever used in the future. They use the same animations from the originals.




Level up (should be player and monster)
Job point
Merit point
New challenge on-screen text for records of eminence.


Lilac corsage.
Gobby mask.
Goblin Coif.
Gazers Helmet (this isn't the one on the auction house, think it's a mog bonanza item)
All ark angel weapons.



Lu Shangs fishing rods for all races.



Opaline for Hume F, Mithra, Elvaan F, Taru F (I'll update this zip in the future to add male wedding outfits)

Corsage is in the cosmetic zip on the first post.



Swimsuits pack 1 (all races and both sexes)

All of these have male and female versions of each.



((A couple of alt swimsuits of the male version shown above (no tattoo or original tattoo instead of the dragon), male only and just for the swimsuit shown for males (this is an old mod) - https://tinyurl.com/y9f8oc9e))

Nation Aketons for all races.



Starlight event Christmas outfits, for all races. To download, after clicking the link press the white download arrow top right of the google page.


Shadow Lord T-shirt for all races.



HD Misc items (minor update).


Currently updated misc items:
All chests (inc coffers, chests, gob chests, tenshodo, skirmish etc.
All mimics associated with above chests.
All outpost flags (UPDATED to remove ugly moss from around the bases).
Jeuno elevator.
Jeuno magian trials crate by moogle.
Boat / Dinghi to mog garden
All books, survival, ambuscade, FoV, GoV books etc.


Omega mount and CoP monster and the bcnm boss updated to HD (if you just want to install the mount it's the file in rom1 the ones in rom3 are cop / bncm bosses).


Zone event decorations

The two tables for the doll festival done so far.


I didn't make any of the dats listed below, I'm just sharing their work with anyone that reads this thread.

Following REMA dats made by Wasenshi, for all races.

This is a ZIP with all Wasenshis mods in, I've optimized some of the larger ones to be smaller files.


Sylph.Wasenshi said: »
Burtgang, Apoc and Calabolg.

Google Drive Download



















Sylph.Wasenshi said: »
Murgleis for you few

Sylph.Wasenshi said: »
Okay here is the HD Chaos Set for all races except Taru because for some reason all Taru armors are different ratios and texture layouts

Following telepoint dat made by Bangerang.

This dat can cause a hitch or a stutter when it comes into view (usually only happens once per zone) due to loading it in and it being a large file. I don't know if it happens on ssd but does for me on a normal hd.

Asura.Bangerang said: »
Slightly improved homepoints

Homepoints & Crag crystals

-- ** --

Updates Involving Amelilas mods (all the textures were done by him, I just expanded the zones covered (converted sandy south to dynamis 1&2 and ported the mog house dats to the ones they missed)

-- *** ---

For anyone that uses Amelilias San d'Oria mods.

It bothered me that north used different grass to south, so I swapped the one from south into north. Now they both use the same grass texture.

This is all Amelilas work, I just swapped a single texture from their other mod into this one.

this Dat is north sandoria

Goes into rom / 1 /



For anyone that uses Amelilas Mog house dats, I ported the same textures to the rentarooms for missing mog houses in Sandy, Windy and Bastok (not home nation ones).

This is all Amelilas work, I just ported the textures over to the dats they missed. Didn't change or add anything.



I ported Amelilas South Sandoria mod to Dynamis normal and Dynamis D.

These textures were all made by Amelila, I just took a couple of hours to put them into the dyanmis areas and upload the zip.



A much smaller version of Amelilas Reisinjima mod, changed from 113meg to 70 meg, if you have any problems with this zone try this smaller version.

Reisenjima smaller version of Amelias HD zone mod.


Rom > 342 > 73.dat


Reduced the size of Amelilas Lower Jeuno mod down, as much as I could. It's still pretty much identical visually.


rom/1/41.dat (lower jeuno dat)
rom/92/92.dat (lower jeuno bump map dat)

Amelila Original mod size

109 mb (zone dat)
23 mb (bump map dat)

New size:

84 mb
3 mb

Only reason to use these is if you have issues (black screen etc) or want faster zone times etc.


kireek said: »
Optimized and updated Amelilas Gustaberg South and North mods.

Reduced the size from:
North 104mb to 63mb
South 92mb to 47mb

The files in folder rom/92/ are the original (bump maps) dats and are much smaller, if you installed Amelilas original you will need to intall these originals too (or just delete the updated ones and use the originals).

Zone times should be massively faster (and any issues with black screen should be gone too), also the initial flyover won't pause to load anymore when it shows gusta before character select.

I made the grass less green so it looks more fitting to the surroundings and made the pathways lighter so they stand out more.

North and South Gusta dat files.

Amelila also changed the bump map files so changed these back to originals, the ones included in the zip are the originals in-case you installed Amelilas.



Also updated North Gustaberg (S) in the past as an additional.

rom5/0/8.dat (55 mb



***these are no longer relevent***
This zip is 4 faces of mithra only, the band shown on the lower 2 isn't the one on the dats. Took picture of the wrong one.

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By Asura.Sechs 2018-02-13 10:31:33
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By fonewear 2018-02-13 10:38:56
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Am I the only one that was hoping the moderators on FFXIAH would be in HD too ?
By 2018-02-13 11:37:42
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Don't stop. Please don't stop.
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By Siren.Kyte 2018-02-13 13:49:20
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Asura.Sechs said: »

I would reduce all galkas to 8-bit sprites if I could.
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By alloy 2018-02-13 22:42:25
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May i ask how youre doing this? I though texture sizes where hard coded... or has this changed all of the sudden?
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By Bismarck.Ihina 2018-02-14 01:35:26
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By Asura.Sechs 2018-02-14 01:50:02
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Siren.Kyte said: »
Asura.Sechs said: »

I would reduce all galkas to 8-bit sprites if I could.
Racist :(
By 2018-02-14 09:48:13
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By 2018-02-15 14:59:39
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By Leviathan.Stamos 2018-02-15 15:45:24
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I think the floor of the Legion mod is uneven? o.o
By DanielH 2018-02-15 16:29:56
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Leviathan.Stamos said: »
I think the floor of the Legion mod is uneven? o.o
Pretty sure it has always been uneven.
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By Asura.Suppa 2018-02-16 01:57:48
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Asura.Zigzagzig said: »
Hello, we used to have HD mod Avatars longtime ago, do you have those files to share, or any players willing to ?


Glowless Avatars
By 2018-02-16 03:04:30
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By Carbuncle.Drauni 2018-02-16 08:39:07
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I installed some of these the other night and man0man beautiful!! Can't get off my throne anymore lol, I tried downloading the Sandoria file from youtube but ran into many issues my PC was not having it. These however were simple, quick and easy and priceless most of all
By 2018-02-18 07:04:54
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By Boshi 2018-02-23 12:44:38
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Not to hijack the thread but I figured I should mention these here since I haven't seen these posted on the forum, I think kireek uses them also?
Amelila person reskinned full E Saru, W Saru, E Ron, W Ron, Mis. Coast, V. Dunes, Lathein and parts of South Sandy that's a work in progress atm.

Most of they look great the Lathein one got some issues with the grass and the moss on the crags

I made one file where I can just drag and drop all of kireek's mods, amelila's zones and jeanpual's icons all at once for my friends that I've been updating when kireek makes new stuff.
By 2018-02-23 20:24:13
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By Boshi 2018-02-24 02:08:22
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yea I figured these were inspired by that

- i just figured I'd link them here incase ppl haven't seen so they can be expososed to Amel's work also.

-love what both of you are doing
By 2018-02-26 15:39:31
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By Boshi 2018-02-27 14:24:33
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I dunno how I feel about the sandy zone, I like most of amel's stuff because it's loyal to the original. Sandy zone has too many liberties taken.

The detail on the floor makes the zone wayyyy darker than it normally is. original sandy ground is very light grey. the circular patterns near the guild (which are also used in jeuno) are wayyyyyyyy darker.

The hallway to N.sandy has the most changes, the brick isn't sandy style flat but almost bastok style on the wall, and a totally new pattern was added to the ground runner which seems out of place.

Amel's Mis.Coast, Sarutas, Ronfaurs are incredible.
By 2018-02-27 19:24:19
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By Lakshmi.Torro 2018-03-01 01:58:01
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Boshi said: »
Not to hijack the thread but I figured I should mention these here since I haven't seen these posted on the forum, I think kireek uses them also?
Amelila person reskinned full E Saru, W Saru, E Ron, W Ron, Mis. Coast, V. Dunes, Lathein and parts of South Sandy that's a work in progress atm.

Most of they look great the Lathein one got some issues with the grass and the moss on the crags

I made one file where I can just drag and drop all of kireek's mods, amelila's zones and jeanpual's icons all at once for my friends that I've been updating when kireek makes new stuff.
Could you be nice enough to upload that one big file? xD

These texture modes along with the saruta/ronfoure etc overhauls are what convince me to sub again... lol
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By Boshi 2018-03-01 12:29:33
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yea just DM me your email address I have it on a google drive that I was using to share it with LS ppl,
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By Boshi 2018-03-02 16:25:54
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I feel like the answer for most of the ground textures in the game would be FFXIV v.1
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