Playonline Viewer Is Not Working And Closed

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playonline viewer is not working and closed
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By brolle 2017-11-27 14:06:17
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ok so I get a white screen when I try to connect to play online viewer to start up ffxi. I don't use a windower it work as of the 23rd of nov. I tried to log in on thanksgiving and nothing. I didn't update anything, nor did the computer. if I failed to logout right would it corrupt files cause I did it that night,
I have unistalled pol 3 times and get same message.

I tried to uninstall everything last night and reinstall it and its sill not working.. do I need to reboot whole computer and start over?
keep in mind this is the only thing I use this laptop for nothing else...

By Jetackuu 2017-11-27 15:04:46
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I'd say try to do a system restore point to before it stopped working (obviously create a current one so you can return to this stage).
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