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TonberryCherry FC Recruiting Members for Coil
Server: Cerberus
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user: Raseraun
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By Cerberus.Raseraun 2013-11-11 10:06:52
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Hello everyone, my name is Kaplan Cadmus, from the Hyperion Server, and we are actively looking to recruit members to round out our first coil group (Scholar and non-melee DD needed, we are 6/8) and a second coil group (any job welcome at the moment).

We're close group of friend always welling to help out with lower progression runs, a lot of us have been together since FF11. In 11 we ran all high level content and were always at the top of our game, we are hoping to start carrying that over to 14. We have been eager to progress through coil, as we only started organizing runs last week, after having enough members geared up and ready.

So, in a nutshell, member wise we are looking for:

- Members motivated to play and progress through coil.
- Can attend event nights reliably (Current coil group runs Mon/Thursday ~7EST, all subject to change)
- Sense of humor a big plus.
- *Mostly* EST based, but honestly, we don't care as long as you can attend things.


- No gear requirement. We will look to gear people up for multiple groups. If you're already geared, that's all the better. If not, we will help you.

- No Job restrictions. Yes Coil requires some combinations of jobs, but at the moment we're open to anything and everyone. We will mold to what you have.

- Small trial period. Any applicants will enter a small trial period in which we will run you through dungeons,Titan/etc just to get a general feel on if you're a fit! This is more of a "fit check" than a "OMG you suck" check, but please don't slob.

Our FC is *not* 100% progression focused, we love socializing as well, and helping out others (Most members will hop on Garuda/Titan runs or AK/WP with other members to assist). If you're interested in joining an FC with a healthy social aspect along with your successful progression needs, TonberryCherry is a good fit for you.

Should you require any additional information or details, please send me a PM here our on our guildwork website:

Anything else, hit me up in tell, or any of our other officers: Daelian Cadmus, Longfellow Deeds (I know) and Nyx Nocturne.
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