New Empyrean Feet Quest

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new Empyrean feet quest
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By harpy 2013-08-06 19:04:26
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I read in the update notes you can trade 3 random for one you want. Anyone know the npc for that.
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By Bahamut.Dannyl 2013-08-06 19:24:32
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:( you said you read the notes

Empyrean footwear may now be exchanged with a new NPC named Lame Deer in Abyssea – Misareaux (K-7).
Adventurers may exchange three pairs of empyrean footwear with him for one of their choice.
Possible footwear to exchange and receive:
Ravager's Calligae / Tantra Gaiters / Orison Duckbills / Goetia Sabots / Estoqueur's Houseaux / Raider's Poulaines / Creed Sabatons / Bale Sollerets / Ferine Ocreae / Aoidos' Cothurnes / Sylvan Bottillons / Unkai Sune-Ate / Iga Kyahan / Lancer's Schynbalds / Caller's Pigaches / Mavi Basmak / Navarch's Bottes / Cirque Scarpe / Charis Toeshoes / Savant's Loafers
* Adventurers may not exchange more than three pairs at a time.
* Adventurers may not receive the same pair of footwear that they exchanged.
* Footwear traded in will be returned if the adventurer cancels the exchange.
* Disconnecting or logging out during the exchange will not jeopardize an adventurer's items as long as he does not change areas.
* Adventurers who change areas before completing an exchange will lose the items and be unable to cancel the exchange afterwards, but may still complete the exchange.
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By harpy 2013-08-06 20:40:43
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