Temenos - Basement II

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Temenos - Basement II
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By Jeubond 2013-04-18 06:50:12
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Hi all,
After reading several threads including the BGWiki entry I'm in need of both advice & also if possible volunteers to help !

I did this fight last night with 2Bst/1Smn/2Thf/1War [all 99] & as soon as we engaged the first 2 Aern knew we would have problems, these are not Easy Prey more like T & as the AoE nukes started flying about & everyone's HP bar started to drop along waltzed Pyrrha & his cronies. The resulting carnage was not a nice sight . . . lol
I'd read up about this fight & while I knew Mr P ran around for some reason didn't think he'd aggro us in this spot [we were in 1st alcove], it turns out our War was standing outside hence the fun.
So we all recovered & went for the 2 Aern again but this time pulled them well away from Mr P's route & managed to ko them, then waited for him to pass before running onto the next 2 Aern up the slope.

We decided on a pets only fight while everyone unweakened in a bid to save time [now at 20 mins left] & had just beaten the first Aern when Mr P came running round & too late those who had been resting at the foot of the slope got walloped & within seconds down we all went again !
Oh how we laughed . . .

Help please !!
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By Chimerawizard 2013-04-18 07:05:15
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You do not want to bring BST to this. I suggest heavy DDs, BLU's work great for the mobs with physical resistance, and a powerful healer or two. I haven't done that one much, so others probably have a more comprehensive system than me.
I'm on Ragnarok server, so good luck.
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