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Scholar SC (.xml)
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By Odin.Shuinam 2013-03-17 20:42:55
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I am trying to locate a comprehensive SCH .xml for spellcast. I've only really seen one posted on here and it utilizes something I'm very unfamiliar with in order to do some things. My current SCH .xml is sub optimal, but can be viewed via my GW profile.

Thanks for the help!
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By cavion1 2013-06-05 05:06:54
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only thing i think is a mistake is your cure u got
<if Skill="HealingMagic"
<if spell="cure*|cura*">
<equip when="precast" set="CURE"/>
<equip when="precast" set="FAST" />

wouldnt u want midcast cure set, precast in fast?
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