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Microsoft Surface & FFXI
Server: Carbuncle
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user: Meenners
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By Carbuncle.Meenners 2012-10-22 06:42:49
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Is it possible? thanks :)
Link to specs
Server: Carbuncle
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user: Tyleron
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By Carbuncle.Tyleron 2012-10-22 06:55:30
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I have been thinking about this for a while as well. I believe the "pro" version coming out in a few weeks will be able to. The real question is if windower will work.

Frankly I have been hoping SE offers a mobile version for quite a while. Not like the graphics could not be handled by almost any tablet.
By Manque 2012-10-22 07:37:01
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Not sure if the windows 8 metro-esque OS screen is anything to seriously go by as it mentions "RT", but I haven't been able to get windower working with 8 at all.
Server: Gilgamesh
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user: leeroyjay
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By Gilgamesh.Leeroyjay 2012-10-22 12:00:59
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From the link above:

"[3] Surface with Windows RT works exclusively with apps from the Windows Store."

So get the Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro in January 2013 if you want to play non-Microsoft Store games:

Runs current Windows 7 desktop applications and integrates with your existing enterprise management infrastructure. Use the programs and the apps available in the Windows Store.

10.81 x 6.81 x 0.53in
VaporMg casing
Dark Titanium color
Volume and Power buttons

64GB*, 128GB
*1GB = 1 billion bytes; formatted storage capacity may be less

10.6" ClearType Full HD Display
1920x1080 pixels
16:9 (widescreen)
10-point multi-touch

Pen Input
Pen input and pen (included with purchase)

3rd Gen Intel Core i5 Processor with Intel HD Graphics 4000
4GB RAM—Dual Channel Memory

Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n)
Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology

42 W-h

Cameras and A/V
Two 720p HD LifeCams, front- and rear-facing with TruColor
Stereo speakers

Full-size USB 3.0
microSDXC card slot
Headset jack
Mini DisplayPort
Cover port

Ambient light sensor

Power Supply
48W power supply (including 5W USB for accessory charging)

1-year limited hardware warranty

Apps (included)
Windows Mail and Messaging; SkyDrive; Internet Explorer 10; Bing; Xbox Music, Video, and Games.
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By Otomis 2012-10-22 12:14:04
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What GPU is the surface using. I think that FFXI in windows will not run if the install does not scan an NVIDIA or ATI GPU.
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Server: Lakshmi
Game: FFXI
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By Lakshmi.Quixote 2013-03-04 17:48:04
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Otomis said: »
What GPU is the surface using. I think that FFXI in windows will not run if the install does not scan an NVIDIA or ATI GPU.

Is this true ?? been wondering about the Surface pro now that is out anyone knows if it will work ?
By Jetackuu 2013-03-04 17:48:54
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no, that's not true...
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