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By Lakshmi.Byrth 2012-09-27 12:48:26
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I have a variety of 3P guides tossed willy-nilly into my Pastebin, but here's a list of them:

1) Itemizer and Gearcollector (Highly recommended plugins)

2) LightLuggage (Also recommended)
** More extensive LightLuggage guide (by Yugl)

3) Guide to using Dropbox to synchronize your Plugins/Logs/Spellcasts across computers if you play on multiple machines

4) Guide for POLUtils re-naming

5) Spellcast Guide (by Yugl)

If you have any requests or guides of your own, feel free to toss them out there! I some day intend to migrate these guides to bgwiki now that we have permission to put some 3P stuff on there.
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