Fishing Skill Up Food?

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Fishing skill up food?
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By Nabis 2012-08-13 19:46:51
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Hello i was just wondering if there was any food that increases fishing skill gain rate. tried getting ring but no luck ;/ im lvl 6 and was just wondering if any of these foods have been tested while fishing to give easy skill ups.

Angler Stewpot

Angler's Cassoulet

Prm. Ang. Stewpot

Prz. Ang. Stewpot

please assist with any info if you decide to test this will ask a crafter if they can make this for me and test it out :D
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By Asura.Eurewyen 2012-08-26 04:27:25
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Hey Nabis,

I'm new to fishing to, but these exampels you post here has nothing to do with gaining finshing skill ups faster.
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