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RONIN endgame linkshell - [Hypreion]
Server: Caitsith
Game: FFXI
user: Narii
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By Caitsith.Nariiko 2012-02-19 07:28:24
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RONIN Linkshell

RONIN linkshell originated from the Saronia server and will be moving to the new home of Hyperion.

We are currently a close tight-nit group of active players who enjoy XIV end game. Although are events run during PST/EST time zones, we're open to any and all players who are competent, skilled, and will be dedicated to end game content.


RONIN is currently seeking players who meet the following requirements:
  • Active Player

  • FFXIV End game experience

  • Moogle/Ifrit Access

  • At least 3 Rank 50 classes

  • Sentinel, Chameleon, Second Wind

  • Ability to use Ventrilo as means of communication

  • Other MMO end game experience

  • Rank 50 crafting or gathering classes

  • A member of The Maelstrom or The Twin Adder

Interested in applying? Please check out our recruitment forums.

Looking forward to it Kashuan!
-Nariko Star
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