The Chocobo Knights Of Eorzea [[Besaid Linkshell]]

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The Chocobo Knights Of Eorzea [[Besaid Linkshell]]
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By AliceSerenity 2011-06-03 03:34:08
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The Chocobo Knights of Eorzea is a social linkshell that is built for the purpose of keeping players together and welcoming newcomers along the way. We strive to ensure that we keep our experiences together in the land of Eorzea fun and entertaining. We don't focus on one aspect of the game but try to keep a fresh outlook by doing what we feel at the time. We enjoy success, but at times it is also good to just explore the regions or stand around and socialize. If you are interested in joining our ranks then apply below.


Linkshell Leader
Alastar Valenthorn

Linkshell Officers
Tsuchi Takahashi
Melchar Asbrand
Wolf Cross
Taruna Aeon
Maria Lycia
Lucien Norrend
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