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Stat allotment presets
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By Ifrit.Durai 2011-02-16 08:53:04
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Currently you are limited to playing within the discipline for which you allot stat points.

Wouldn't it be great if you could save presets for each discipline you want to play? For example: when you switch to DoW, the stats you allocated for DoW take effect and when you switch to DoM, your magic stats take effect.

What do you all think?
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By Yves 2011-02-16 09:32:06
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Great idea. I would imagine that this kind of "profile swapping" has been discussed and we might see it in future version updates. Then again, as one our LS members pointed out, how long did it take them to put a moogle in Selbina?
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By KiranRedtail 2011-02-16 13:17:19
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If you're pumping all your points into 3 stats you're doing it wrong TBH.

Not that you're alone mind you.
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By jdcho99 2011-02-16 14:06:09
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well u can be patient and just plan ahead what u want to do. when i craft and plan to HQ stuff i just store massive amounts of the material first, then take a day of just reassigning to max out the appropriate stat (reassign without reallocating), then reassign when im done with my HQ projects, reassign each time it comes up to build back up to my NM hunting mode. i mean sure its a pain in the ***, but whats everyone want? easy mode Wow style, just pay and redo points? sure that'de be great but it seems everyone just wants things easy/and or compares things to other games. I prefered the static stats from XI but stat allocation at least gives you some customization in your play.
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By KiranRedtail 2011-02-16 14:33:17
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Right but stat points aren't the only thing you can spend. With traits and rings and gear you can easily add another 15-40 points to any given stat (15 from traits, 20-21 from stat rings, +stats from head/body/legs). Not to mention that food actually works *better* if you go with a more balanced set of stats.

For example, if I leave my Dex at 70, I can get the Divine bonus from Eel Pies (+7.75% accuracy) *and* convert my MND to DEX with Complete Control when I'm on a DoW, or vice versa when I switch to a DoL/DoH/DoM class. I also carry two each of the +5 int/mnd/pie rings, and my DoW use +acc/+attack accessories and +attack food to make up for not pumping my str/dex up over 130.

Yeah getting the traits you need is some work, and yes crafting the food and carrying around all the accessories is a pain in the arse, but if you want to play 5-6 classes in *any* MMO you're already used to it.
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By Laughlyn 2011-02-16 14:37:28
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I myself had this idea & sent SE some suggestions about just this, and with the "WoW" simmilarities. (was late 2010, can only hope they read the feedback)

I think its a great idea, instead of having to wait several hours to reset some points. (prolly take 1 full day to reset all points) in wich during that period of time you can do very little but wait.

Easy Mode, can be controled by allowing a player of maximum of reallocation of points /day etc.

It makes more sense to anyone to have more str / dex & vit if going melee class. And building partys based on current mechanis of that points allotment system makes it boring & tedious changing from mage to melee class.

Great idea, but needs control so it dosent become way to convenient.

1-2 Extra preset would be a fair amount, so you atleast have 1-2 other classes to change into with medium/optimal potential.

Then if you want to reset/change those presets, pay a fee or wait 24hours or something.
(sorry might be some typos)
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