Heroes Linkshell Is Recruiting Active Players!

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Heroes Linkshell is recruiting active players!
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By StillStinky 2011-02-14 14:04:01
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Hello Melmond!

Heroes Linkshell is currently looking for a few good players to bulk up our fighting forces! We are an extremely active LS here on the Melmond server. We have a core of around 40 highly active members.We do scheduled leve runs every time the counter resets, with many groups doing additional leves on the "in between" days. We also take on all the notorious monsters in the game presently, both faction and world pop. Our membership is very diverse, and is made up of disciples from all branches (war, magic, hand, and land.) We welcome all to apply who are willing to abide by our charter, which lays down some very basic codes of conduct.

Please visit our website to read our charter and to apply! Our forums have a section for new applicants. Please copy and paste our template from the sticky thread in the apps forum and fill in the info. Use of our website as a communication tool is very important to us, hence the need for new members to register for it and post a message in the forums as a sort of "application" but that's really all there is to it.


Hope to hear from some great new people!
Andy Fox
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