Re-useable Chips?

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Re-useable chips?
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By Phoenix.Sharde 2011-01-13 10:19:27
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Morning, everyone.

Quick question: My LS just tried to low man Proto-Omega, but failed (Got him to 1% >.<) I still have the chips in my inventory however. Are these re-useable for our next run to try Omega again; or are they instead like spent BCNM orbs, and just Inventory-1?

Just wondering so I know which zone to plan for our next LS run~ :3
Server: Asura
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user: Calatilla
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By Asura.Calatilla 2011-01-13 10:20:37
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No, once used they`re worthless, you have to farm new ones
Server: Shiva
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user: Sindri
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By Shiva.Khimaira 2011-01-13 10:24:46
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Sorry you wiped at 1% :L that's always annoying~ Had a grellow, blue, red triggered Iktomi solod down to 1% on THF/NIN before he Sickle Slashed, poisoned, and double attack critted.

But you do neeed to start over, as was said.
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