Behest/Leve Linkshells?

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Behest/Leve Linkshells?
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By KiranRedtail 2010-12-10 07:24:44
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Are there any task orientated linkshells out there focused on doing behests and leves?

Seems like most are trying to apply the 'guild' concept to linkshells, being social/crafting/grinding, taking anyone, no specific focus.

I'm looking for 25+ parties, you can PM me on here or in game "Kiran Redtail".
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By SilentCascades 2010-12-10 08:22:37
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I would like to cycle this into my Linkshell's eventual focus, but really.. We're short on members at the moment, and the few people we did have are either gone now or hardly playing to make it noteworthy. I've tried to counter this by offering public recruitment in various places, but there's not been nearly enough interest.

I think this is honestly the case with most Linkshell's currently, they're suffering a shortage of members due to a lack of focus amongst the playerbase as a whole. Likewise the lack of any real endgame at the moment seems to be inciting more people toward creating social\casual LS' rather than event-oriented ones.. Quite frankly, I'd love to gather together a steady enough playerbase to work in stuff like behest and organized leve questing.. but lacking the members as I am, it's moot to advertise my shell as such.
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By cruiselessor 2011-02-07 01:31:59
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Yall can check out

We basicly do rank 30 leves every night. The leve parties usually begin around 9 or 10 in the evening CST, and end early morning the next day. The leve party is usually close to full every night. Sometimes we have 10 sometimes we have 15.

Were also doing rank 20 leves as well.

Yall are welcome to chill with us if you're active, eventually looking for end game, and have mics.

Cruise Lessor
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