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Sound effects
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By Fouludragon 2010-08-16 23:48:07
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This section is about some the sound effects in the game that can affect the game entirely throughout years of joy to come in FFXIV. Let's make it better so that wonderful sensation has a familiarity to it in a way. Call me old fashioned but after some of the FFXIV videos from some of the blog posts I wasn't too impressed with the sound effect.

For example, the menu selections or command sounds. I don't know why but for some reason when you go through menu selection in FFXI that chime noise seemed annoying. But instead I replaced that with a sound DAT. from FF6. For the FFXIV however it's just the same but more undertone like a black piano tone being hit.

What do you fellas take of this?
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By Seraph.Iria 2010-10-16 19:44:40
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SE needs to implement an option to mute crafting sound effects. It sounds like I'm walking through an overhaul of a 7 lane overpass with all the jackhammers every time I run near a repair NPC. The game should not sound like something people would file noise ordinace violations for in real life.

Edit: I mean an option to mute ONLY crafting sounds, so that not every sound effect is muted.
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By Zenshiro14 2010-10-16 21:31:26
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I don't see any problem with the sound in the menu when you record it and then play it hell ya it *** annoying but in gameplay when you play it it's pretty nice.
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