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Frobeus said:
Gonna also say, VERY nice drg. You clearly put a lot of effort into it.

Drg is going to mix and match some pieces depending on the WS, but I'm assuming Drakesbane is your primary so I'll comment according to that.

Same as TP build, get and use Pole Grip here.
Brutal over bushi. While you won't see alot of DA proc with only 7% DA (pole,brutal) the few times that it does proc is going to produce sig more damage than the tiny mods your getting from current grip and bushi.
I'd use warwolf over sword belt. 8 Att vs 5 str 5 dex 3~4 acc.
Heca legs if you can get them are pretty hawt for Drakes or Ares are good too. Since your using a Crit WS places where you can squeeze in dex makes for sexy WS time.

Items i'm not as sure on would be Conte vs Askar and Forager's vs Cuchulians.
Need a better number cruncher for those.

I don't have Drakes, I've climbed to 100, and back to 80, done tons of farms, and not a single DRG drop. ; ;
Howevever, thank you very much on the comments, DRG and WHM are my mains, so obviously WHM is the same in gil input. XD

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